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There are four holy shrines in Uttarakhand dedicated to Hindu Gods and holy rivers of India. The four shrines are situated within the Garhwal Region. These are collectively referred as "Char Dhaam of Uttarakhand" . Pilgrims from all over India and abroad visit the shrines as "Char Dhaam Yatra". In Hindu religion, Char Dhaam Yatra holds has great importance and sanctity. It is believed that every Hindu should undertake Char Dhaam Yatra at least once in a life time to avail the blessings of gods adorning the shrines.

Haridwar is the traditional point to start Char Dhaam Yatra of Uttarakhand. Haridwar is in the plains and easily accessible by Road & Train from other locations of India, including New Delhi. It is also accessible by Road from Dehradun, which has Airport. So, Piligrims can fly to Dehradun from Delhi & other locations in India and then proceed to Haridwar by Road travel.

Haridwar is famous for Ganga Aarthi which takes place in evening daily and through out the year.

From Haridwar, Piligrims can travel by Road to the next stop in Char Dham yatra ie Rishikesh, which is also in plains. Ganga Aarthi takes place in Rishikesh also in the evening daily.

From Rishikesh, Piligrims can travel to Four places of Chaar Dhaam yatra i.e, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Details are given below.

Dhaam Name Devoted to Altitude Opening Date Closing Date Accessibility
Yamunotri Dhaam River Yamuna 3293 meters Closed 06-11-2021 From Rishikesh, Piligrims have to first reach Janaki Chatti by Road travel. From Janaki Chatti, Piligrims can reach Yamunotri by :
(1) Pony (2) Trekking
Gangotri Dhaam River Ganges 3200 meters Closed 05-11-2021 From Rishikesh, Piligrims can reach Gangotri completely by Road travel. However, to reach Gaumukh (Source of River Ganges), Piligrims have to travel by Trekking.
Shri Badarinath Dhaam Lord Vishnu 3133 meters Closed 20-11-2021 From Rishikesh, Piligrims can reach Badrinath completely by Road travel.
Shri Kedarnath Dhaam Lord Shiva 3581 meters Closed 06-11-2021 From Rishikesh, Piligrims have to first reach Sitapur by Road travel. From Sitapur, Piligrims can travel to Kedarnath, by : (1) Helicopter (2) Pony (3) Trekking


Yamunotri is located at an altitude of 3293 metres above sea level, in the Garhwal Himalaya about 40 km away from Barkot.

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Gangotri temple opens on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya which is fall in the month of May and closes on Bhai Duj

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Shri Badarinath Dhaam

It is one the most important dham and the only temple which is part of both "Char Dhaam of India" and "Char Dham Yatra"

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Shri Kedarnath Dhaam

Kedarnath temple is one of the Holiest Pilgrimage Center in northern India, located on the head of Mandakini river.

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