Committee Functions and Services

1- Shri badarinath kedarnath temple committee was formed in 1939 for worship of the Shri Badarinath , in which, in the year 1942 the other 45 temple including Shri kedarnath were include. Whose conservation is done by the donation funds received by the temple committee.

2- Shri Badarinath Kedarnth temple committee conducts three Sanskrit colleges for the upliftment of Sanskrit education. Free education is provided to students studying.

3- Every day at Shri Badarinath and Kedarnath Gods daily routine is cooked, in which the pilgrims who come to the Dham are provided free of cost from the temple premises in the afternoon.

4- Shri Badarinath kedarnath temple committee provide convenience to pilgrims on the journey ways,only restoration fees are made for pilgrims to make the rest house/Dharmshalas for residential.

5- Temple Committee are arranged regular rules of the routine worship in 45 others temple including Shri Badarinath Ji and Shri Kedarnath Ji.

6- An Ayurvedic pharmacy is also operated by shri Badarinath kedarnath temple committee to upgrade Himalayan herbs.

7- Verious educational grants are provided by Shri Badarinath kedarnath Temple Committee for various educational institutions and the development of the religious culture.

8- Free radicals are provided each month from sadravart fund for the ascetic saints, for doing penance in shri Badarinath Dham by shri badarinath kedarnath temple committee.

9- Even the poor helpless and sad saints coming to Dham by shri Badarinath kedarnath temple committee are exposed to expenses of getting their applications and also arrangement are done by sadavart funds.

10- Saints cottages have been built for the convenience of the sadhu saints in shri Badarinath Dham.

11- In order to facilitate the pilgrims who come to shri Badarinath and Shri Kedarnath ji editing necessary task in the order customs is also the race that is received from donation received in the offering.